Jennifer Branch Watercolor Paintings Gallery

Welcome to Jennifer Branch Gallery. I've been a professional artist for over twenty years so I paint a little bit of everything that gives joy to life! Painting brings a lot of joy to my life, from the creative process to seeing the excitement of a client's face with a meaningful painting.

My most meaningful personal paintings are in my Sanctuary series. My fingers tap a little with my Jazz series. I love the peaceful energy of Acadia, Maine and the ancient buildings in Italy. And don't forget my sea turtle obsession!

If you go to my Painting Galleries section, you'll see all of my watercolor paintings organized by subjects with links to buy original watercolor paintings and limited edition prints.

If you visit my new Painting Watercolor site, you'll find information on how to learn to paint watercolors, with everything from artist supplies clearly explained to step by step painting tutorials.

I hope you enjoy visiting my world!

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